Let’s Get Lost

Alex Oberholtzer is the head pilot and guide at Crystal Creek Lodge. He’s the guy who works with you to craft your fishing & adventure vacation. He’s been guiding the rivers and streams of Alaska for 25 years, 20 of them with Crystal Creek Lodge. Alex works hard. When he gets a rare afternoon off … Continued

Break Free

When Crystal Creek Lodge began in 1988, we embraced “Catch-and-Release” as a policy for native fish (rainbow trout, the char species, and grayling) when it was a relatively new idea. Despite initial resistance, it has proven over time to be an exceptional and successful conservation practice to promote fish survival and healthy fisheries. We invite … Continued

Monument Creek Adventure

At Crystal Creek Lodge, finding wild and unique adventures for our guests is just as important as the quality of the fishing. While we do offer our guests the opportunity to visit the “classic“ locations of Katmai National Park, we constantly search for, then offer destinations that provide the true wild Alaska experience away from … Continued