For many anglers, fishing Alaska is a dream come true. Most of the guests at Crystal Creek Lodge like catching a variety of fish species. All season long we have rainbow trout, dolly varden, char and grayling available. Throughout the season we have various salmon species to catch as well. King salmon are available from the second week of June to the end of July. Silver salmon are targeted from late July through the middle of September.

Alaska fishing; please visit these pages to learn more about the fishing program:

Rainbow Trout
The rainbow trout of Alaska are fish of legend. The Naknek River and streams of the surrounding Katmai National Park region offer the finest rainbow trout fishing in the world. Crystal Creek Lodge is on the Naknek River and our guests can be casting to 25-inch-plus rainbow trout within 10 minutes of leaving our dock by boat.

Char Fishing
The chars are common to Arctic and subarctic waters, and thrive in the Bristol Bay region. They are aggressive, strong and beautiful fish that populate streams in prolific numbers. It is common for anglers to catch dozens of char in the 18-28 inch range during…

King Salmon Fishing
Prime king season is June 15 through July 30.  Kings are the largest of the Pacific salmons. They average 15-30 pounds, though each year a handful of brawlers tip the scales in the vicinity of 50 pounds. We literally can catch kings within sight of our dock.

Salmon Fishing
Five species of Pacific salmon run the local rivers by the millions and they are thus available in prolific numbers. One or two species of salmon are available in peak configuration during any week of the season… Alaska salmon fishing at it’s best! Our home River, the Naknek, sees a sockeye salmon run into the millions of fish.