Never Gonna Leave

Connection is an essential component of the Crystal Creek Lodge experience; connection to nature, connection to adventure and connection to one another through hospitality & fellowship. We thank our 2021 guests for following our pre-trip protocols so we could, after sitting on the sidelines in 2020, gather together again to experience and share a season … Continued

Narrow Your Focus

Ugashik Narrows connects two large lakes on the Alaska Peninsula—Upper and Lower Ugashik. It is a world-renowned fishery and favorite of fly anglers at the Lodge. Grayling, trout, Arctic char and silver salmon are all caught there. It’s a remote area with spectacular scenery and wildlife; as a crossing place for large game, small game, … Continued

Trout Times

The Alaska Rainbow Trout is a fish that evolved as an opportunist and, accordingly, is built for speed and aggression. They migrate scores of miles each year, moving in, out and through the rivers, streams and lakes of Bristol Bay in search of salmon fry, small fish, lampreys, salmon eggs, salmon carcasses, insects and even … Continued