2019 Orvis Endorsed Lodge of the Year | Crystal Creek Lodge

We are excited and humbled to have been given the Orvis Endorsed Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year award for 2019. Our long-standing partnership with Orvis (since 1991) has been a phenomenal experience for us. Their commitment to service, respect for natural resources, and unparalleled quality fits our own mission at Crystal Creek Lodge, as … Continued

Pebble Mine – Wrong Mine, Wrong Place

Take action now!  bit.ly/stoppebble2019 The One Minute Alaska Vacation is usually about inspiration, relaxation and enjoyment. Today, we bring a message to inspire a call to action: It’s about The Pebble Mine. Again. Pebble, the proposed mega-mine at the headwaters of the two richest Bristol Bay salmon rivers, which we have been fighting for 20 … Continued

Wild Moments

  Take a journey and discover the many wild moments that Crystal Creek Lodge has to offer. This is the sort of journey that cleanses your soul, where you can breathe in the fresh air while wandering the beach in search of lost treasures, hike trails that explore a landscape created by the largest volcanic … Continued