Lodge Capacity 16 Guests

Packages & Prices: Please review our different packages and the prices associated. If you have questions, please Contact Us or call (907) 357-3153. A detailed pre-trip information document regarding travel and packing is provided for all guests upon making a reservation and beforehand upon request. Please view our Sample Trip page to get a better understanding of a weekly schedule.

The prices shown reflect a 3% discount for payment by check

6 Day/7 Night Package at Crystal Creek Lodge

Six days of guided activities. Choose from fishing, wildlife viewing, adventure activities and guided duck hunting (September & October), and day trips to our remote camps (when in season).

6 days of guided activities, 7 nights of accommodations
$16,400 per person

Arrive in the PM on Sunday of arrival, enjoy fully guided activities Monday through Saturday, and depart AM the following Sunday.

Scroll down for details (Additional Options) to add a full day of fishing on the day of arrival.

Specific dates and arrival/departure times apply.
Please see the Calendar of Dates page for further details

4 Day/4 Night Package at Crystal Creek Lodge

Four days of guided activities. Choose from fishing, wildlife viewing, adventure activities and guided duck hunting (September & October), and day trips to our remote camps (when in season).

4 days of guided activities, 4 nights of accommodations
$12,600 per person

Arrive early AM on Day One to enjoy a fully guided day of activities, then enjoy 3 full days of guided activities, depart AM on Day Five

Specific dates and arrival/departure times apply. Please see the Calendar of Dates page for further details

Reserve the Entire Lodge for a Private Group

Reserve the lodge for a family or friends gathering or for a corporate retreat. Please call for details.

Additional Options

Naknek River fishing day Sunday of arrival (6 day/7 night trip only):  Arrive early Sunday and add an extra day of fishing to your trip
…………. $1000 per person

Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge Walrus Viewing or Lake Clark National Park Twin Lakes Tour
…………. $700 per person minimum 2 and up to 6 persons


Advertised days guided fishing, adventure, or hunting activities. Advertised nights double-occupancy accommodations. Three meals per day. Beer, wine & spirits (super-premium labels excepted). Use of chest waders, fly rods & reels, King Salmon rods & reels; spinning rods & reels, and all flies, lures, and tackle. Fishing and hunting licenses. Preparation of all harvested fish & game and an airline-approved non-insulated shipping container. Daily housekeeping and midweek laundry services.Transfers between the King Salmon Airport and the Lodge. All local taxes. All privileges are advertised within the Crystal Creek Lodge brochure or website.

Not Included:

Airfare between your home and King Salmon, staff gratuities, and massage therapy services.

Reservation, Deposit, and Payment Policies:

Space is available on a first deposit, first-reserved basis. We recommend making reservations more than 1 year in advance. Prior to October 1, a $500.00 per person deposit is required to secure space. The balance of the 50% deposit is due by October 1. After October 1, a 50% deposit per person is required to confirm a reservation. The balance of payment is due 90 days prior to the reservation date.

Prices posted reflect current year pricing. Due to the extremely high costs of operating a business of this caliber in remote Alaska, and long-term unforeseeable increases in overhead and operating expenses, Crystal Creek Lodge reserves the right to increase prices in order to operate at a reasonable profit. Prices for the following year will be posted on October 1.  Those with deposited reservations may cancel with notice by October 31 and receive a full refund if the price increase is deemed by them to be unacceptable.

Cancellations: $500.00 of the deposit is non-refundable after October 1 of the year preceding the trip dates. A deposit may be transferred to another person who is not booked at the lodge for the current season. If it is necessary to cancel a reservation, written notice must be received at the Crystal Creek Lodge office by January 1st of the current season year in order to receive a refund of deposits less the $500.00 per person non-refundable fee. All cancellations after January 1st will result in the forfeiture of the full deposit and/or payment of the trip unless a substitute is provided.  There will be no exceptions.

Disclosure and Responsibility Statement.

A form with this language as the substance will be tendered to all guests at the time of reservation request. All guests will be expected to read and sign this form before activities at Crystal Creek Lodge will begin. Please read this before you make a reservation. If you do not understand the language or concepts outlined, please ask for clarification:


Crystal Creek Lodge is owned by Crystal Creek Lodge LLC, an Alaskan limited liability corporation. In consideration of being allowed to use the facilities and services offered at Crystal Creek Lodge (including but not limited to the lodge, its rooms, grounds and docks, boats, vehicles, and airplanes), all of which these named OPTIONAL activities include inherent risks due to weather, wild animals, falling ice and snow, cold water, inaccessible and remote locations, fatigue, chill and/or dizziness, frost-bite and other adverse factors some which are unknown, I have been given ample opportunity to read both the front and back of this agreement, understand and accept the terms and conditions stated in this agreement, and on such basis,  I agree both for myself my heirs, my executors, administrators or anyone else who might make a claim on my behalf and I also agree in behalf of any other person (e.g., my minor child(ren) for whom I am legally responsible that I will not, either for or in my behalf and for others such as my minor child(ren) bring any lawsuit, or make any claim, against Crystal Creek Lodge LLC (or its members, owners, employees, agents, or anyone else acting on its behalf) and will waive and release any and all claims of liability for death, personal injury, or property damage of any kind or nature whatsoever arising out of, or occurring during, my stay at Crystal Creek Lodge, my flights to or from Crystal Creek Lodge, or my use of any guiding services or participation in any wildlife viewing, hunting, fishing, hiking, rafting, flight-seeing, vintage aircraft rides, kayaking or other recreational opportunities offered by or through Crystal Creek Lodge LLC d/b/a Crystal Creek Lodge. I understand that all of these activities whether named or not, are OPTIONAL activities and do not constitute an essential service and I am free not to participate in any and/or all of these activities but, if I elect to do so, either for myself or in behalf of minor children, I do so at my own/their risk.
This waiver and release extends to all claims of every kind or nature whatsoever, including claims for serious injury, illness or death, foreseen or unforeseen, known or unknown, and includes but is not limited to waiver of claims for Crystal Creek Lodge LLC’s own negligence or intentional acts, mistakes, or misconduct of any kind, as well as the negligent or intentional acts, mistakes or misconduct of any kind of the part of Crystal Creek Lodge LLC’s members, owners, employees, agents or anyone else acting on its behalf, to the fullest extent permitted by law of the State of Alaska.
I also acknowledge that my attention has been directed to the Alaska Supreme Court case of Langlois v. Nova River Runners , https://public.courts.alaska.gov/web/appellate/opinions/sm-1669.pdf, which discusses and addresses issues related to the waiver and release of claims and waiver of right to sue. I understand and agree this agreement is to be construed in light of that case. This Release of Liability; Waiver of Right to Sue, and Authorization To Use Electronic Images shall be interpreted and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Alaska.
ARBITRATION: I also agree in my behalf and in behalf of any minor children in my party, that in the event of a dispute, I will first mediate the dispute, in good faith, and should we not be able to resolve the dispute, I agree to arbitrate any and all claims, whether in tort, contract or equity utilizing the procedures set forth in the Alaska Arbitration Act, as from time to time amended, AS 43.10 et.seq., with venue for all proceedings, including arbitration, to occur within the Third Judicial District, at Anchorage, State of Alaska.
PHOTOGRAPHS AND ELECTRONIC IMAGES. I also acknowledge and grant permission to Crystal Creek Lodge LLC d/b/a Crystal Creek Lodge to use photographs and other electronic images of me and members of my party, captured during my stay at Crystal Creek Lodge for use in its advertising campaigns including its “One Minute Vacation” series.
DELAYS OR CHANGES: Crystal Creek Lodge LLC d/b/a Crystal Creek Lodge will not be responsible or liable for any expenses or delays incurred as a result of weather, routing delays or other conditions. All rates are subject to change without notice, but will not change once a reservation is confirmed. Crystal Creek Lodge LLC reserves the right to deny a reservation request for any reason. Crystal Creek Lodge LLC also reserves the right to cancel a trip any time during its delivery without recourse or redress if a guest behaves in a manner deemed to be law-breaking and/or dangerous, lewd, belligerent, or disruptive to other persons.
YOUR ITINERARY AND WEATHER: Flight schedules in and out of Crystal Creek Lodge are subject to change due to weather and other considerations. An average of 4 entire days out of 115 per season are no-fly days due to extreme inclement weather. It is reasonable to expect that inclement weather could affect and influence operations at least a portion of one day per week. Your trip may be changed due to weather, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, mechanical issues, or a variety of other issues. In the event of a deviation, modification or cancellation of the proposed trip, we will make every reasonable effort to make suitable alternative arrangements. We reserve the right, however, to alter or cancel all or part of your scheduled trip in our sole discretion. No refunds or adjustments will be made on account of changes to a trip or your itinerary [1]due to weather or any other conditions.
I have read the above Release of Liability Waiver of Right to Sue; and Authorization To Use Electronic Images I understand its content, and I agree to its terms
This Release of Liability ;Waiver of Right to Sue, and Authorization To Use Electronic Images will be provided for each guest, including guests who are minors, and must be read, understood, signed and returned to Crystal Creek Lodge LLC before commencement of activities can begin at Crystal Creek Lodge. We recommend that you do so immediately upon receiving your initial invoice then return it with your deposit. If Crystal Creek Lodge LLC does not receive a signed copy of this form by the time of your arrival for services; a copy of this form will be immediately presented for signature and date. If a guest refuses to read, sign and date this form, Crystal Creek Lodge LLC reserves the right to refuse to provide services and will cancel the trip without recourse or redress.