Happy Holidays from Crystal Creek Lodge

  Take a few minutes this holiday season to enjoy some fun images and video provided by guests and guides during this past 2018 season at Crystal Creek Lodge. Last year we added a media station in the bar with an Apple iMac set up for guests to upload their images and video taken during … Continued

Find your Calm

Find your calm with this episode of our One Minute Alaska Vacation. Fly fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it… Harry Middleton. For many, fishing is a passion and an activity they would rather be doing then almost anything else. They say that fly fishing is more than … Continued

Safety, Flying and the Alaska Wilderness

It’s been one of those drizzly summers. This year, we’ve experienced a handful of “no-fly” weather days, where we won’t fly due to extreme wind, low ceiling, poor visibility or all of the above. This has inspired me to write a little bit about flying, weather, safety, and the unpredictability of our wild Alaskan environment. … Continued