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  • Good times at Crystal Creek Lodge

When Crystal Creek Lodge began in 1988, we embraced “Catch-and-Release” as a policy for native fish (rainbow trout, the char species, and grayling) when it was a relatively new idea. Despite initial resistance, it has proven over time to be an exceptional and successful conservation practice to promote fish survival and healthy fisheries.

We invite you to join us as we take it to the next level: “Keep-em-Wet”. “Keep-em-Wet” is just that simple; keep your fish in the water to all extents possible during landing, photos, and release. Keeping your fish wet protects their all-important layer of mucus that acts as their defense against infection. It also allows it to breathe oxygen with its gills, especially needed after its fight against your tackle.

We thus encourage you to take your conservation efforts micro, to have a macro effect. Protect the quality of the sport we love by learning new habits to protect fish. Your smartphone is waterproof and has great lenses; learn how to photograph your trophy fish without removing them from the water. Learn how to increase fish survival with “Keep-em-Wet”!

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