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When Crystal Creek Lodge first opened its doors in 1988, we were early adopters of the “Catch-and-Release” policy for native fish such as rainbow trout, char species, and grayling. Despite initial resistance, this practice has proven to be a highly successful conservation strategy, ensuring the survival of fish populations and maintaining healthy fisheries.

Now, we’re taking our commitment to conservation to the next level with “Keep-em-Wet.” This simple yet effective practice involves keeping your fish in the water as much as possible during landing, photography, and release. By keeping the fish wet, you protect its all-important layer of mucus, which acts as a defense against infection, and allows it to breathe oxygen through its gills, especially after the exertion of being caught.

We encourage you to make a micro commitment to conservation that will have a macro impact. Protect the quality of the sport we love by adopting new habits to safeguard fish populations. With the technology available today, such as waterproof smartphones with excellent lenses, you can learn how to photograph your trophy fish without ever removing them from the water. Let’s increase fish survival with Catch-and-Release and together with “Keep-em-Wet”!

Check out our Fishing page and our Adventure page to learn more about opportunities to enjoy the Alaska fishing season. Discover the wonders of Crystal Creek Lodge through our Instagram page, where you can immerse yourself in stunning visuals and learn more about our exciting adventures in the Alaskan wilderness!

Crystal Creek Lodge, nestled on the banks of the Naknek River, near King Salmon, Alaska is a renowned exclusive luxury fishing and adventure destination with over 400 5-star reviews. Since 1988, we’ve been delivering thousands of hardcore, exciting, and memorable flyout excursions.

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