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Brown Bear Photo Safari in Katmai National Park & Preserve

Bears, Bears, Bears! We are surrounded by millions of acres of roadless, untamed wilderness full of wild Alaska brown bears. The nearby Katmai National Park and Preserve alone holds an estimated, stable population of 2,250.  Without searching for them, the guests of Crystal Creek Lodge often see them daily while flying or fishing.  If you want to go find & watch them, we know where to go. A day of bear viewing on a Brown Bear Photo Safari is a memorable experience and is often the highlight of a vacation at Crystal Creek Lodge.

Scary Bear Stories sells movie tickets and books.  The reality is something very different.  It is very easy to find & safely watch them on the ground as they fish, graze, and interact with each other. Katmai has been a bear sanctuary for decades, and as a result, the bears are accustomed to and not threatened by human presence. The bears move constantly to take advantage of concentrated food sources. Surrounded by the pristine Alaska wilderness, you will watch bears fishing for salmon, eating sedge grasses, digging for clams, or grazing blueberries on the alpine tundra. We have several great bear viewing areas where bears congregate to feed. We can provide a great bear-watching trip anytime during the season.

Come see them for yourself, we guarantee you will bear-ly be able to contain your excitement!

The Brown Bear Photo Safari is just one of many adventures with Crystal Creek Lodge. Learn More by scrolling through our Adventure page.

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