Alaska Landscapes | Yantarni Panorama Gallery

By Max Dorsi On top of some of the best coho salmon fishing you can find anywhere, the backdrop at Yantarni Salmon Camp is simply jaw-dropping. Don’t believe us? Check out this Panorama Gallery from our camp manager Max Dorsi. The Yantarni Salmon Camp is a private, wilderness tent camp where Crystal Creek Lodge guests … Continued

Experience Changes

Come along and experience the amazing changes that Alaska goes through as the summer season progresses. It’s all about the return of the spawning salmon from the ocean to the rivers and lakes. This major event is to be witnessed and experienced in person. And for any wildlife or fishing enthusiast, whether you want to … Continued

Kick Plastic | Join the Movement

  Alongside of Orvis and Costa Sunglasses, Crystal Creek Lodge has joined the Kick Plastic campaign, eliminating plastic water bottles from our programs. We have set up a water station where you can refill reusable water bottles that we gift to all our guests.┬áThe purpose of our efforts is to keep plastic out of our … Continued