Pebble Mine could be revived by EPA

We need your help! At Crystal Creek Lodge, we are in the middle of a fantastic fishing season. We are seeing a terrific run of sockeye salmon throughout the region, which is the life blood of the Bristol Bay ecosystem and economy. For the past 30 years, our guests have enjoyed the world-class salmon resource in Bristol … Continued

Visiting Becharof National Wildlife Refuge

Our Backyard Wilderness at Crystal Creek Lodge The location of Crystal Creek Lodge on the Naknek River in King Salmon, Alaska was chosen with great intention. Most notably, the lodge is a mere 5 miles downriver from world-renowned Katmai National Park. Although Katmai is known throughout the world for its brown bears, fishing, and wildness, … Continued

A Walrus Herd Relocates to the Nearby Coast

A herd of Pacific Walrus has relocated themselves to the nearby Bristol Bay coast at Cape Grieg, about 60 miles south of Crystal Creek Lodge.  We went for a quick scouting trip yesterday and saw 1500-2000 animals either beached or in the water.  Shown is the herd after a rain squall came through and the … Continued