See America’s Least Visited National Park Site | Aniakchak

Aniakchak National Monument sees under 300 tourists every year. Each year, Aniakchak National Monument and Preserve is consistently the least visited of all National Park Service lands. It is a truly primitive area, located half way down the remote and rugged Alaska Peninsula. The volcanic geology and natural history of Aniakchak tells a tale of … Continued

Legends of the Fall – AK Rainbow and Char Gallery

Naknek River, Alaska If you were wondering what fishing would be like in late September and October at Crystal Creek Lodge, check out this photo gallery of the big Naknek River rainbows that we see each fall (click on image to enlarge). This late fall time is ideal for for landing one of these giant … Continued

10 Facts about the Katmai Eruption of 1912

The Valley of 10,000 Smokes In the year 1912 on June 6th, the Katmai Eruption (also known as the Novarupta Volcano eruption) occured, sending nearly 30 cubic kilometers of ash and debris into the atmosphere. The Katmai eruption was the largest of the 20th century. This cataclysmic event created a barren and Martian-like landscape in the … Continued