Huge Pacific Walrus Herd in Alaska

In an stunning spectacle of nature, this video shows a very large herd of walruses in Alaska. Arctic ice is receding at an alarming rate and the waters of the North Pacific Ocean are the warmest on record. Tens of thousands of walruses have been affected and are “hauling out” on Alaskan beaches in numbers never … Continued

Heather Has a Ball!

Heather Oberholtzer accompanied a party of guests for a tour of the Alaska Peninsula, a tour that included a stop at the walrus cape, a spin around the inside of the Aniakchak National Monument and a brief stop at a beach on Bristol Bay wherein we found several antique glass fishing floats.  Here are three … Continued

I Am the Walrus/Beach Combing Bingo

A day of magic with guests Jack and Brad from Connecticut and guests Shari and Judith from Washington.  Jack and Brad have been guests of Crystal Creek for over 15 years, and they usually bird hunt and do a little fishing.  Shari and Judith love to fish and this is their first visit.  We all … Continued