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In an stunning spectacle of nature, this video shows a very large herd of walruses in Alaska.

Arctic ice is receding at an alarming rate and the waters of the North Pacific Ocean are the warmest on record. Tens of thousands of walruses have been affected and are “hauling out” on Alaskan beaches in numbers never seen before. NOAA reports that sea surface temperatures across a vast expanse of the North Pacific are 5.4 degrees Fahrenheit (3 degrees Celsius) higher than normal. With less ice-covered waters for the walrus to rest on, they have taken to using the beaches. It appears we are witnessing a shift in the habits of walrus, right before out eyes. An adventure tour with Crystal Creek Lodge includes flying in a De Havilland Beaver plane searching for walrus as they ‘haul out’ on nearby beaches.

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Video sequence taken at an altitude of approximately 915 m of Pacific walruses (Odobenus rosmarus) hauled out on the northwest coast of Alaska, USA, on 25 August 2011. Author: Monson D, Udevitz M, Jay C

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