Safety, Flying and the Alaska Wilderness

It’s been one of those drizzly summers. This year, we’ve experienced a handful of “no-fly” weather days, where we won’t fly due to extreme wind, low ceiling, poor visibility or all of the above. This has inspired me to write a little bit about flying, weather, safety, and the unpredictability of our wild Alaskan environment. … Continued

The Alaska Grand Slam

Perhaps you have heard of the “Grand Slam” in fly fishing. A grand slam is the achievement of catching a collection of game fish in a single day. The most notable is the inshore grand slam where a saltwater angler catches a tarpon, permit, and bonefish in a single day. It’s a common target in … Continued

Social Media & Fly Fishing | Podcast

For better or worse, social media has penetrated many aspects of life. This insightful podcast from The Drake Cast explores the pros and cons of social media in fly fishing. At Crystal Creek Lodge, we do our best to use social media to inspire others without compromising our conservation ethics and the unique Alaska experience … Continued