What Makes You Smile

We could all use something to make us smile right about now. This is a kindly reminder that the best is yet to come and to hang on to what we love & brings us joy in life. Enjoy this minute then, as you go through your days ahead, remember a smile is one of … Continued

We’re Going to have a Good Day

What’s the secret to a good day? Big smiles? Laughter? Great company?  Doing something out of the ordinary? All of these things? There are many ways to have a good day – at Crystal Creek Lodge you’ll have the opportunity to combine all of the above plus more. Come with us to explore wild, beautiful Alaska. Witness the landscape from a … Continued

Food is Love

This month’s edition of our One Minute Alaska Vacation highlights a special ingredient to the Crystal Creek Lodge experience – how great food brings us together. Food is love. When we experience exceptional food with exceptional people, all our senses are embedded into that time shared together.  At Crystal Creek Lodge we love our guests and hope our food … Continued