Find your Calm

Find your calm with this episode of our One Minute Alaska Vacation. Fly fishing is not an escape from life, but often a deeper immersion into it… Harry Middleton. For many, fishing is a passion and an activity they would rather be doing then almost anything else. They say that fly fishing is more than … Continued

International Hosted Travel with Crystal Creek Lodge

International Hosted Travel with Crystal Creek Lodge When the lodge in King Salmon, Alaska is put away for the season, what do we do?  Travel.  Let’s keep fishing!  We are pleased to inform you of two hosted fly-fishing trips. One is to Spain and the other to Argentina. Great fishing at two renowned lodges in exotic locations! Please contact Heather for more details: Phone: … Continued

Window Seat

  When you lift off and cruise through the air in remote Alaska there are only a few words that can explain something that’s hard for others to understand that have never experienced it. The roar of the engine on take off is exhilarating and then you lift up and cruise – a quick scan … Continued