Aniakchak National Monument in Fall

The weather has been spectacular during the final week of our season. Realizing we had a rare opportunity at hand, we invited several guests to visit Aniakchak National Monument to witness the fall colors and light.  A truly inspirational day.  

Kanatak Trail Hike

On September 19 five Crystal Creek Lodge guests took a hike and enjoyed the incredible scenery of the Kanatak Trail in the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge.  The Kanatak Trail rises 1000 ft into a pass within the Alaska Peninsula Mountains to connect the Gulf of Alaska and Bristol Bay.  It has been used for over … Continued

Aniakchak National Monument

    A Crystal Creek Lodge first was landing upon Aniakchak National Monument. Located 120 miles south of King Salmon on the west side of the Alaska Peninsula, Aniakchak is one of the most remote and infrequently visited National Monuments.  The main feature of the Monument is a 6-mile wide caldera created 3,500 years ago … Continued