Safety, Flying and the Alaska Wilderness

It’s been one of those drizzly summers. This year, we’ve experienced a handful of “no-fly” weather days, where we won’t fly due to extreme wind, low ceiling, poor visibility or all of the above. This has inspired me to write a little bit about flying, weather, safety, and the unpredictability of our wild Alaskan environment. … Continued

A Walrus Herd Relocates to the Nearby Coast

A herd of Pacific Walrus has relocated themselves to the nearby Bristol Bay coast at Cape Grieg, about 60 miles south of Crystal Creek Lodge.  We went for a quick scouting trip yesterday and saw 1500-2000 animals either beached or in the water.  Shown is the herd after a rain squall came through and the … Continued

The Queen in Search of a King

Miss Rosanna Trestman of Connecticut returned to Crystal Creek Lodge in search of a King Salmon to exceed her personal record of 42 inches, set in 2014, but, alas, she didn’t beat her record, yet she still caught some nice Kings and Sockeye Salmon.  Here is Rosanna with her best King of the week, held … Continued