There are many places to go and find great beachcombing. What are we looking for? Shells, driftwood, interesting rocks, bones of giant sea mammals, antique artifacts and detritus from around the Pacific Ocean that washes up on shore. This is pure kids play and everybody loves it!

Birders will love walking the seashore of Bristol Bay.  There are many stories to be told in the myriad of animal tracks that follow the ocean edge, too.

Hand-blown Japanese glass floats

A real treasure to find are the round, hand-blown glass floats, antiques formerly used by Japanese fishing vessels to float their nets.

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Most floats were made in Japan or Korea 30-60 years ago, and are shades of green because that is the color of glass from recycled sake bottles (especially after long exposure to sunlight). However, clear, amber, aquamarine, amethyst, blue and other colors were also produced.