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Despite all that is going on in the world, salmon will continue to thrive this year in Bristol Bay just as they have for thousands of years. Salmon will run and navigate back to their natal streams, the place of their birth. Bears will fish and a wonderfully complex ecosystem supported by salmon will flourish. Nature will endure and persist with or without us. We are both humbled and inspired by this fact. Nature has much to teach us.

Check out our Fishing page and our Adventure page to learn more about opportunities to enjoy the Alaska salmon fishing season. Discover the wonders of Crystal Creek Lodge through our Instagram page, where you can immerse yourself in stunning visuals and learn more about our exciting adventures in the Alaskan wilderness!

Crystal Creek Lodge, nestled on the banks of the Naknek River, near King Salmon, Alaska is a renowned exclusive luxury fishing and adventure destination with over 400 5-star reviews. Since 1988, we’ve been delivering thousands of exciting, and memorable flyout excursions.

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