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  • Good times at Crystal Creek Lodge

This month’s edition of our One Minute Alaska Vacation highlights a special ingredient to the Crystal Creek Lodge experience – how great food brings us together. Food is love. When we experience exceptional food with exceptional people, all our senses are embedded into that time shared together.  At Crystal Creek Lodge we love our guests and hope our food shows that love in abundance.

The dining experience at Crystal Creek Lodge is meant to be personal. Whether it is how you like your eggs cooked in the morning, to lunch on the river, this ultimately leads you back to the lodge and into a meal that evokes the greatest dinner party you have ever attended. My goal is to make each guest feel at home, yet excited to try something they maybe would not have thought to try before. We work with small fisheries, farms and ranches within Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. It is our goal to showcase and pay respect to these individuals and their products by executing either a multi-course or family-style affair. Our team at Crystal Creek cannot wait to make new memories with you!” All my best, Chef Ben

The Dining Room at the Lodge is as spectacular as it is inviting. A chefs’ kitchen is adjacent to the dining room that overlooks the Naknek River. The kitchen is open to guests and you are welcome to watch Chef Ben & his staff and converse with them as they prepare your meals and serve the table. Our lodge provides some of the very best Alaska dining available.

Our food philosophy emphasizes fresh, and whenever possible, local, ingredients.  We gather the highest quality ingredients available, then prepare and serve delicious meals. Our chefs have complete freedom to create and they use whatever inspiration hits them for the day along with the ingredients immediately fresh and available from purveyors and our greenhouse.

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