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  • Good times at Crystal Creek Lodge


Take a few minutes this holiday season to enjoy some fun images and video provided by guests and guides during this past 2018 season at Crystal Creek Lodge. Last year we added a media station in the bar with an Apple iMac set up for guests to upload their images and video taken during their stay. Just like the season before, we came away with a huge collection of fun and exciting shots that provide a unique perspective into the time spent at the lodge and out in the field. Guests provide over 3500 media files of good times, bear viewing, adventures, fishing with family and friends and even some fantastic video of fish and scenery. It’s amazing what high-quality media can be generated from smart phones!

Did you see yourself in the video? Hope so. From Dan & Lynette, Alex & Heather and the entire Crystal Creek Lodge family – we would like to thank you for a wonderful 2018 season and we’re looking forward to more adventures in 2019.


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