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  • Good times at Crystal Creek Lodge


When you lift off and cruise through the air in remote Alaska there are only a few words that can explain something that’s hard for others to understand that have never experienced it. The roar of the engine on take off is exhilarating and then you lift up and cruise – a quick scan of the endless landscape quickly sends you into a sense of awe. It’s exciting and overwhelming. If you’re in a Beaver, you feel the peaceful deep hum of the nine cylinder radial engine as you glide and glance around at the spruce forests intertwined with blue lakes and snake-like streams and rivers, randomly shaped bogs and ponds, endless tundra, all kinds of wildlife, ringed with mountains. The Alaska landscape holds back nothing and bares it all. As you pass over all the grandeur and untouched vastness, it makes you feel curiously small but your longing to be apart of it all is large. It’s a truly unique and intimate adventure experience. When you drop down from above and the engine slows down and you land, it’s a feeling that can only can be explained as a strange reconnection to the earth. It’s a grounding peacefulness that is quickly replaced by the excitement for what your fishing or adventure excursion will bring.

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