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Perhaps you have heard of the “Grand Slam” in fly fishing. A grand slam is an achievement of catching a collection of game fish in a single day. The most notable is the inshore grand slam where a saltwater angler catches a tarpon, permit, and bonefish in a single day. It’s a common target in places like Florida, Belize, and Mexico.

In Alaska, we have an embarrassing wealth of fish variety and opportunity. During the last 2 weeks of July, it is possible for an angler at Crystal Creek Lodge to catch 5 species of Pacific Salmon in addition to Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout. The Alaska grand slam. This is a very tall task in a single day, but in a week it is possible. With that, we decided to invent the Alaska Grand Slam, honoring any angler who can catch all the game fish available in Bristol Bay in a single-week stay with Crystal Creek Lodge. Here’s an example of how it can be done in a 6-Day/7-Night stay with us:

  • Day 1: King Salmon and Sockeye Salmon on the Naknek River
  • Day 2: Rainbow Trout and Sea-Run Dolly Varden in Katmai National Park
  • Day 3: Silver Salmon and Pink Salmon on the Kvichak River
  • Day 4: Arctic Char and Lake Trout on the Ugashik River
  • Day 5: Chum Salmon and Northern Pike on the Alagnak River
  • Day 6: Rainbow Trout and Arctic Grayling on American Creek in Katmai

At any time in the season, eight species are possible. Sometimes in the season, up to a  dozen fish species are possible. In July, all five of the Pacific salmon species are possible. At Crystal Creek Lodge, we’re blessed to be situated in the middle of one of the most prolific freshwater fisheries on planet Earth – the Bristol Bay watershed. With that, comes some amazing angling opportunities during every month of our fishing season. Contact us for more info.


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