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  • Good times at Crystal Creek Lodge

IMG_1281Gentleman suitors, this is Miss Mary Ann Peters, of Palo Alto, CA and Sun Valley ID.  While many of you may know of our coveted Death March Survivor Award (for walking to the fishing across the tundra) Mary Ann proved herself a champion.  She just won our Death March Survivor Award with Trout Clusters (a first).  Mary showed up last Sunday proclaiming she loved to hike into trout streams and loved to fish dry flies.  She blew us all away with her enthusiasm and stamina.  Today, for instance, she walked about a mile and a half across a glacial moraine to fish for Rainbow Trout, which she does on dry flies alone, then she walked a like distance along the stream then walked a like distance out.  Did I mention that Alex had to find her in the fitness center and pull her off the treadmill to get her on the plane?  Her guide, Aaron, relates she caught about 30 Rainbows up to 22 inches, all on dries. She probably could have caught three times as many on a bead.  When I landed the Beaver to retrieve her at the end of the day, she proceeded to welcome me to “God’s Country”. I get that.  Mary is a petite blue-eyed blonde with a great sense of humor, an inspiring amount of physical stamina, an engaging intellect. a profound sense of curiosity and an unshakably positive outlook on life.  She is a widow.  She also loves to fish and as I dropped she and her guide off to the stream today she handed me her card and asked me: “If you ever meet a gentleman guest who loves to fish and wants to meet  a potential fishing partner, please let me know!”    Therefore, this post is a personal ad to our 5000 member mailing list:  We just spent the week with a quality human being.  You just got the brief.  Life is short, but rich with the right person with which to share.  If anybody wants to present themselves as a potential fishing buddy to Mary Ann, please send an email to me at  I’ll be carefully screening the applicants.

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