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Alaska Peninsula Grayling

As the millions of Bristol Bay Salmon begin entering the small streams on their way to spawn, they draw from the lakes and rivers Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden, hungry fish that follow eagerly to await the deluge of eggs about to be dropped by the salmon as they spawn.

All of our guests fished small streams yesterday and caught, well, lots of fish.  I guided Miss Virginia N. of Louisiana, who, along with her father “caught over 150 fish” on a small stream on the Alaska Peninsula.  They caught resident and sea-run dolly varden and grayling.  We caught many grayling over 20 inches as we watched the newly arrived and bright-red Sockeye Salmon finning in the creek’s pools.   While catching all those fish, Miss Virginia worked hard on perfecting her roll cast and backcast in the stiff breeze.  It was a great classroom, considering that during the day we saw two blonde bears grazing, flushed a ptarmigan, witnessed lots of different animal tracks & blooming wildflowers, and heard a symphony of songbird calls.

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