Alaska Fishing & Adventure Lodge on the Naknek River

Crystal Creek Lodge is located 5 miles East of King Salmon, Alaska. This world-class Bristol Bay fishing lodge is an award-winning Orvis Endorsed Lodge, consistently demonstrating its exceptional fishing, facilities and commitment to excellence in service. The guided field program at Crystal Creek Lodge is about variety. Our guests fish for Rainbow Trout, char, grayling and salmon. They will either fish the Naknek River, which runs past our front door, or fly out in a sea plane to visit hundreds of miles of surrounding area rivers and streams. We also feature bird hunting and a wide variety of adventure and nature related activities.

Welcome to the land of dreams: the Katmai region of the Bristol Bay area and the greatest freshwater river and stream fishing in Alaska, if not the entire earth. Perhaps we should say: welcome to the land of reality.

Bristol Bay rivers have the largest Pacific Salmon runs on earth. The rivers and streams of Katmai are infused with wild Alaska Rainbow Trout and grow some of the largest Trout on earth. The Naknek River, home water of the lodge, grows trout upwards of 30 inches. Arctic Char and grayling also inhabit these waters in prolific numbers, and the combination of salmon, trout and char make for a fishery of intense productivity and diversity.

Since 1988, Crystal Creek Lodge has fulfilled countless dreams in its history, yet the concept is constantly tested and crafted by Dan Michels and his staff of dedicated men and women, people who share the vision of consistently delivering the finest Alaskan luxury fishing vacation possible. Our mission statement for our Alaska Fishing Lodge is: “Hosts of the Alaskan Experience”. Time afield is precious and essential to the spirit. A vacation is about rejuvenation. You might as well have the best.

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