Pebble Mine Retrospective

Crystal Creek Lodge strongly supports the recent decision by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to prohibit the development of the Pebble Mine. We believe that the preservation of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery and the region’s unique and pristine ecosystems is of paramount importance. The Bristol Bay area is home to some of the world’s most abundant salmon runs and provides critical habitat for numerous species of wildlife, including the iconic bald eagle, rainbow trout, and brown bear. At Crystal Creek Lodge, we have seen firsthand the importance of these resources to the local economy and the well-being of the indigenous communities that depend on them. We believe that the EPA’s decision will help protect this special place for generations to come and maintain the region’s status as one of the world’s great natural treasures.

In a nutshell, the EPA issued a veto on the proposed Pebble Mine effectively halting the project. This veto is a rare move by the EPA and is a significant victory for those who have been opposing the mine due to concerns over its potential impact on the local ecosystem and wildlife. The Pebble Mine would have been one of the largest gold and copper mines in the world and its veto marks a significant shift in the approach of the EPA towards balancing economic development with environmental protection.

Join us in thanking the EPA for finalizing Clean Water Act safeguards for Bristol Bay

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