Earthquakes on the Alaska Peninsula

  As we are busy preparing the lodge for opening, a series of earthquakes has been shaking the Alaska Peninsula.  We were woke last night to the lodge rolling and shaking to an earthquake of 6.7 magnitude, centered about 100 miles south of the lodge near the Yantarni Salmon Camp.  The Peninsula is essentially a … Continued

Yantarni is On Fire!

  Katie E. of Kalispell, MT is holding one of the many Silver Salmon rushing into the streams at Yantarni this week.  We expect the run to peak in the next 14 days.  This year we have been blessed with spectacular weather and abundant runs of Silver Salmon.  Be sure to visit Yantarni next year during … Continued

Want Some Lunch? Shore Do!

  Paul and Jeff H., father and son from North Carolina and Pennsylvania respectively, are smacking their lips as they anticipate delivery of fresh Silver Salmon to their plates.  Paul and Jeff have fished with us several times, but for the first time they did an overnight at Yantarni.  We treated them to a fresh-caught … Continued