Crystal Creek Lodge Hat Trick!

A Crystal Creek Lodge Hat Trick is three fish in the net, and that’s about 20 lbs. of Rainbow Trout in the bag courtesy of (left to right) Dan Michels, Shannon Ward and Cole Marston.  What a magnificent September day!

A Tale of Two Rainbows

Two fish, caught from two rivers, two days apart.  One, a 20-inch fish that lives it’s life year round in a stream far from a lake connection, turns pigmented, spotted, green and bright red from exposure to sunlight.  The other, a 29-inch fish, remains chrome and without pigment from living it’s life year round  in … Continued

Naknek River Rainbow Trout

Shown are Charles and Mindy of Wasilla, Alaska holding two fat Naknek River Rainbow Trout caught on August 4.  We had a slight weather delay, waiting for morning fog to burn off, before we could fly-out.  Charles and Mindy chose to opt-out of their fly-out day spend the day on the Naknek, where, Charles quotes, … Continued