Visiting the Valley of 10,000 Smokes Up Close and Personal

The Valley of 10,000 Smokes is a prominent feature of Katmai National Park.  It is a gigantic ash field about 10 miles long and three miles wide remaining from the eruption of the Katmai Volcano, shown in the background, in June, 1912.  The eruption was the most powerful of the 20th Century and was felt … Continued

Want Some Lunch? Shore Do!

  Paul and Jeff H., father and son from North Carolina and Pennsylvania respectively, are smacking their lips as they anticipate delivery of fresh Silver Salmon to their plates.  Paul and Jeff have fished with us several times, but for the first time they did an overnight at Yantarni.  We treated them to a fresh-caught … Continued

Beaver 602AK goes on wheels, Yantarni Camp getting set-up

Yesterday we put Beaver N602AK on wheels.  Man!  I love that plane on wheels!  It is an incredible performer.  After doing a few touch and goes last night that allowed me and pilot Steve to brush off the dust, we put it on the schedule today to go char fishing at Becharof Lake.  The guests … Continued